tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco is a country of beauty and tourism of unique landscapes. Tourism in Morocco is characterized by its diversity, which includes many types of tourism, including mountain tourism, old city tourism, religious tourism and sports tourism.

Tourism in Morocco has become a global destination thanks to its proven elements.

The Maghreb benefited from its position on the African continent and its openness to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as being one of the Arab and Amazigh countries to be the first host country in Africa for many foreign tourists.

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The best seasons of tourism in the cities of Morocco

The best seasons of tourism in Morocco range from January to May. This period is characterized by a mild and beautiful atmosphere in the cities of Morocco, where this instinct is light rain and warm weather and comfortable for tourism in general. In addition to snow in some highlands and in some areas quiet and sunny

When can you stay for tourism in Morocco?

The maximum length of stay for tourism in Morocco is 3 months for foreigners exempt from visa, as long as your passport permits this.

Depending on the duration of the visa for non-exempted persons.

If you wish to extend your stay in Morocco after the expiry of the three months or the expiry of the visa, you must apply for a license from the competent Moroccan authorities.

The cost of travel to Morocco for tourism

The cost of traveling to Morocco for two people ranges from $ 150-250

And may increase and vary according to desire. With lots of features

Top 10 Hotels in Marrakech Morocco Recommended for 2019 tourist

Best Marrakech Hotels
Marrakech has many of Morocco’s most prestigious hotels, most of which are located in the heart of the city. In this article we will show you some of the best hotels in Marrakech, Morocco, which are recommended for its proximity to tourist attractions and transportation
Marrakech hotels 5 stars

Savoy Le Grand Hotel is one of the best hotels in Marrakech. It is located near the Manara Gardens, just 500 meters away. It is surrounded by many restaurants and cafes and is connected to a small shopping mall called Al Manara Mall. Marrakech Plaza is 2.2 km from the hotel and you can reach Marrakech-Menara Airport, 2 km from the residence.

Summary of foreign guest ratings

The hothel got very high and good ratings in both location, cleanliness, staff, services.

The most popular tourist places in Marrakech

The city of Marrakech, the capital of the Andalusian Empire, is one of the most important cities of tourism in the Maghreb and one of the oldest cities. It was founded 1200 years ago by Joseph Ben Taschifen. This mountainous city is characterized by its charming beauty and beautiful nature, in which the beauty of the present and the splendor of the past harmonize

Tourism in Marrakesh has many historical walls, buildings and giant gardens of high design. In this era, Marrakech is a stronghold of Islamic civilization and an intellectual center of science and philosophy. It has many museums and monuments that attract many tourists.

As well as many of the wonderful tourist sites that make the holiday another taste in the atmosphere of Morocco and there are many restaurants, cafes, markets and leisure activities.